At SmartSTEMs, we believe encouraging young people to practise STEM-based subjects, allows them to develop their intellectual and creative faculties for the greater good. The processes and skills developed through STEM education are essential in our daily lives and it is imperative that we, collaboratively, support our young people to become educated in the broadest sense: confident, literate, numerate, constructively critical and technically capable digital citizens of the world.

It is on this note that I would like to say a massive thank you to every single one of our supporters. From our Industry Fayre Extraordinaires and inspiring Workshop Hosts to our army of Volunteers and Student Buddies – we could not do what we do without help from all of you. We know that it is only by working together that we are able create a constant drumbeat of activities, across all four pillars of STEM that everyone can tap into ensuring that no single person or organisation has to carry that responsibility alone. We believe that regular and varied activities are essential to ensure that as many young people as possible are made aware of STEM, and due course run the risk that they too become passionate about something STEM related!

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