Helping as an individual

Helping as part of an organisation / business

Helping as an educator

Helping as an individual

Record a video

What you have achieved is inspiring – share your story.

Your story, you journey could be just what a young person needs to hear to inspire them to start their very own STEM adventure.

What you have achieved and how you got there is interesting and unique. Something that you share might be the spark that ignites an aspiration in a pupil wondering what STEM opportunities are out there for someone like them.

Recording a video is pain free – we promise. We provide the guidance and template needed ensuring that the process is easy, straightforward and time efficient.

If you would like to speak with us about what would be involved in recording a video, please get in touch.

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Volunteer at an event

Volunteer or speak at an event – your involvement matters.

If, like us, you are passionate about STEM and work in any STEM field, or have a STEM related academic background, please speak with us about getting involved with one of our events.

We deliver online and in person events with an audience that can range from 10 to 300 young people, working with a range of STEM volunteers to make these events as interesting and stimulating as possible.

We look for those doing unusual STEM roles, experts in the specific fields and even those just starting out on their own STEM journey. But the main attribute that we look for in someone getting involved with our events is a SmartSTEMs level of enthusiasm about inspiring children and young people in all things STEM.

The involvement can be as big or as small, as loud or as quiet, as you see fit. If you would like to know about what would be involved, please get in touch.

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Introduce us to your employer

At SmartSTEMs we appreciate the importance of connection. One of our aims is to encourage greater collaboration across sectors so that more children and young people can access STEM opportunities in education and employment.

If you think there are potential synergies between our organisation and yours, get in touch. If you think our model of events and outreach could be of interest in any way to your organisation, get in touch. Or if you think your employer could help us to connect with more like minded STEM enthusiasts – get in touch!

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We aim to inspire, engage and challenge pupils to think differently about STEM.

Helping as part of an organisation / business

Become a Partner

Partnerships allow connection and collaboration.

We are partnering with many different organisations including: SWiT, CeeD, Make It Happen, schools, Universities/Colleges.

SmartSTEMs looks to partner with organisations who share our outlook and objectives around inspiring children and young people and connecting education with industry. Most partners are educational providers, charities and social enterprises.

We appreciate that partnership can look different to different organisations. We take the time to understand what you are looking for through partnership working and find ways to support the connection. Partnership with SmartSTEMs does not require a financial commitment but it does require an agreed level of understanding and respect which is formalised in a written agreement.

Examples of partnership working include:

  • Sharing of networks
  • Research participation and commissioning
  • Joint funding proposals
  • Hosting a workshop
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Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship creates opportunities

Corporate Sponsorship of SmartSTEMs is a great way to build your profile through events and educational programmes whilst demonstrating your support for young people across the country.

Corporate Sponsorship also enables SmartSTEMs to deliver more events across more locations to more children and young people. Sponsorship helps us to achieve our central aim which is to inspire and engage young people with the world of STEM and ensure no one is left behind due to their gender, background, ethnicity, religion or location.

Understanding your organisation’s CSR/ESG requirements is at the forefront of any partnership, supporting the delivery of bespoke long-term solutions for your business. We will work with your team to ensure any sponsorship package is tailored to meet your needs, whether that includes supporting schools in your local community, providing equipment for workshops, or widening brand awareness across the country, all whilst helping to securing your future talent pipeline.

Current and previous sponsors include JP Morgan, Scottish Power, Scottish Water, Commsworld and Howden.

The level of Corporate Sponsorship and the costs associated are determined by the activities and sponsorship package. We do have a minimum threshold of £1,000 which allows for XYZ.

If you would like to explore sponsorship opportunities with SmartSTEMs, please contact us on 0141 564 8488 or email

Attend an event

Show off your organisation, create connections, inspire others

As a partner, attend and exhibit at one of our in-person events and make connections across the STEM sectors. Share practical examples of your work, bring fun experiments, interesting activities – essentially come prepared to inspire and engage with the young people who will be there.

For online events we utilise video content – what you have achieved and how you got there is interesting and unique, get involved by joining our #MyJob #MyJourney campaign by filming a short video about your journey into STEM and your current job in STEM. We host these videos on our YouTube channel along with showcasing them at our virtual events. Ensuring there is reusable content for companies and individuals helps us work more collaboratively. For more information, see Record a Video.

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Work with us on your Environmental, Social and Governance.

At SmartSTEMs we have a very particular set of skills and experience which can prove incredibly useful for organisations looking to achieve specific ESG intentions.

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Helping as an educator

Become and advocate

Stimulate STEM subject discussion in your classroom.

While much of our focus at SmartSTEMs is on inspiring children and young people around all things STEM, we are similarly committed to supporting our teachers to deliver well informed STEM subjects. We know how impactful the enthusiastic delivery of a STEM topic can be on a pupil and we are looking for more teachers to partner with is to bring more stimulating STEM discussion to the classroom.

Please visit our YouTube channel for useful resources and interesting topic discussion points for use in your classroom.

We would also welcome the opportunity to link in with your school to see if we could deliver an event or support your current STEM activities.

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Ways to engage with SmartSTEMs

Talent attraction and Retention

Staff will have multiple opportunities to engage and inspire the future pipeline making a significant impact to the communities they work in. Working with SmartSTEMs will ensure the employees are informed, confident, aware and engaged when it comes to inspiring future talent and engaging with communities they serve.

Internally SmartSTEMs will give employees:

  • The opportunity to engage with young people which can include running a workshop, hosting an exhibitor stand or being a keynote speaker or even just as a helper.
  • The opportunity to build staff confidence, engaging with young people whilst representing their employer.
  • The opportunity to create, adapt and build their own workshops whilst testing out others and increasing confidence.
  • The opportunity to make a significant impact in the area/community in which they work. SmartSTEMs works in several areas geographically across the United Kingdom working with the local schools in each district area brokering them with their local Colleges and Universities.

Externally SmartSTEMs will give employees:

  • The opportunity to engage thousands of pupils per year through both face-to-face events and virtual events.
  • Multiple touch-points with young people and teachers across Scotland increasing impact and widening access and awareness about careers in their organisation.
  • The opportunity to connect with university & college students at our face-to-face events who are studying STEM but also key subjects such as Marketing, HR, Business and Events.


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