The team at SmartSTEMs balance in-person events with online activities. We love sharing how individuals got into STEM and what interesting careers studying STEM has led them to.

Your story, you journey could be just what a young person needs to hear to inspire them to start their very own STEM adventure.

We have created a series of online resources which will be freely available to young people and their families via accessible links. This will create a repository of inspirational short videos about STEM careers. We would love for you to film one or two short videos of 5 – 10 minutes about the following.

  • My Job – Tell us about the job you do today
  • My Journey –  Tell us how you got there

It would be great if you were able to do one, but two would be epic. #CollabIsKey

Find out how to get started

    Online roles we need help with

    I can record a video: My JobI can record a video: My JourneyI can help as an online advocateOther

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